About SocialBurst

SocialBurst is a managed social media service by Stack Pro Limited. The idea came about from the frustration we faced managing our in-house brands' social accounts where we found we almost never had any time to push out content or manage responses and comments. We knew how powerful social media is, and also how one couldn't ignore it if you wanted to grow your business and reach more customers

But how to succeed in it given the time sink it is?

We wondered if there were companies that offered such services. And though we found some, we didn't get exactly what we were after - an agency that could take our vision and effectively push it out through social media.

The more we thought about it, the more it looked like an idea worth pursuing - that maybe we could offer this as a service. And maybe we could find other businesses who experienced the same challenges we had and offer the service to them. Long story short, that's how SocialBurst was born.

Our Values


At SocialBurst, we know that to produce stellar results for our clients depends on having a great team in place. Everything we do is driven by team effort. You can expect top notch results.


Social media changes every day. What worked yesterday may not get any attention today. Reason why we stay on top of the game with creativity and innovativeness.

Customers First

At SocialBurst, our clients come first. Without our customers,everything we do would be completely meaningless. You can be sure we do our best to provide our customers with the very best service possible.

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