100% "Done-For-You" Organic Social Media Management & Outsourced Customer Support
For Growing Brands.

Business owners are already too busy running their businesses to even have time to update social media, respond to DMs and more. Which is why we are here for you. Fully managed organic social media and outsourced digital customer service.

100% Remote. Weekly Progress Reports & More.

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You're In Good Company

"I use SocialBurst like every day."

Denise M.
Owner - Events & Catering Company

"I use to do this by myself and it was such a draining activity... These guys saved my day. Now I can focus on what's more enjoyable for me."

Leo O.
Brand Manager - Branding Agency

"SocialBurst is the most scalable outsourced social media management service I have come across. We started with the "Lite" plan as it was called then and are now on the "Enterprise" and it is working for us."

Laura G.
Team Lead - Management Consultancy

" I never thought I actually needed a service like this until I got into a trial plan and I just couldn't live without it. You guys are awesome."

Nick L.
Owner - Managed Service Provider

Why use SocialBurst?

why SocialBurst is a powerful addition to your business

why you need managed social media services

#1. You're A Busy Business Owner With Too Much On Your "Plate" (And Yet You're Told How You Cannot Ignore Social Media For Your Business)

Imagine all you have to do to run your business? Prepare those invoices, pack the goods and schedule the delivery...maybe it's to prepare for a presentation..or to make a site visit at a customer's location. When will you ever have time to post on Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and not forgetting Facebook and Instagram?

And that's still not counting the DMs that need responding and the comments that are coming in thick and fast...

Instead, take a break and let SocialBurst handle social media for you.

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#2. Imagine Having Time To Focus On More Important Tasks (While Someone Else Handles The Boring Daily Grind Of Posting, Responding To Comments...)?

Truth be told, we all know how powerful social media can be for any business, right? But we also know that it can be such a time sink for many business owners, right?

Well, now imagine having someone else do that for you? That is exactly what SocialBurst does for your business. We take care of shining the spotlight on your business while you handle your business.

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focus on your business
why you need managed social media services

#3. You Know That Social Media Can Give Your Business Huge Exposure (But You Hate To Be The One Managing It Daily)

Over 70% of users say that they feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to. Again, 70%+ of Facebook users report that they use the platform daily, while 66% of the same platform's users report that they follow a brand.

What all this means is that your business cannot afford to not be on social media.

Yet knowing this, you still don't want to be the one handling social on a daily basis - it's a lot of work, it needs so much attention and more. Worry not, let us handle it for you.

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The Benefits You Get

SocialBurst Features

Page Monitoring & Responding

We monitor the page/profiles and manage responses

Post Management

We generate content, manage posts and schedules

Social Media Expertise

Your portfolio is handled by professionals in social media

Pro Reports & Analytics

Get weekly actionable reports on how your posts are doing

Boosted Engagement

Benefit from boosted engagement to grow your business

Delighted Customers

Be where they are and delight your customers by engaging them promptly

Packages & Pricing

service costs

Package Features
Platforms Included
Organic Posts
Boosted* Posts
Response Management
Content Calendar
Weekly Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
Contact Us
Facebook Only
upto 60/month
Contact Us
Upto 10 platforms
3 months


All Your Questions about the service answered

Exactly how does the service work?

SocialBurst is a managed organic social media management service. Using in-house proprietary tools, we analyze trending topics happening in your niche and create awesome content around that. We then take this content and post it to the social media pages/profiles that come with the plan you've chosen.

We are also constantly monitoring the performance of the posts we do on your behalf, which we then collect into an actionable report that we share with you. The overall goal of all this is that with time, your brand reach will grow, your business will experience better social engagement and ultimately all this should have a net positive effect on your bottomline.

What kind of results can I expect?

The most important KPIs that we track are: no of followers gained, engagement and website/app traffic attributed to organic (and even paid) social media outreach.

How soon will I start seeing results?

Organic social media results take a bit of time to build out momentum. But since outreach and posting is being done on a daily basis over time, results build up over time - most clients start to see results (increased followers, better engagement etc) usually within the first or second month.

That said, we recommend our clients to try the service for at least 6-12 months so that they can see meaningful results, especially on conversions - the reason for this is that the main focus for our social media management service is to develop your brand’s followers, engagement, and word-of-mouth outreach.

In case you want to shorten the time to get conversions in the short-term, we have a paid social advertising service that you could consider. Please reach out to us for more information.

Do I share my login credentials (username & password) with you?

No you don't. One of the biggest concerns clients usually have is whether they will have to share their social credentials with our agency. We have removed this concern for all our clients by having an "invite feature" instead - we send you an automated request asking you to connect your social accounts. No need for exchanging your login credentials (And, whenever you feel you need to move on, you just revoke the connection. No harm done.)

Will this work for my industry?

Although we welcome clients from almost all industries, there are industries that we do not work for. When you schedule a strategy call, we'll let you know if we are a fit.

Do you have contracts and how long do they last?

Our minimum contract is 3 months. Once this term is complete, services will be rendered on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel anytime by writing an email notice to the support team 30 days in advance.

Are there any setup fees?

Yes. A one-time setup fee (depending on the plan you pick) is charged. This is to setup all your social profiles, connect them to our proprietary backend systems (to handle all the post outreach and messaging/comment moderation) and to setup the analytics and attribution profiles (to measure engagement and traffic of the outreach we will do on your behalf).

How long to get started?

Book your free strategy call here and a team member will get back to you.

Who will be working on my account?

We have a fully trained social media team that has worked with clients across many different niches. As such, your account will be handled by a team member with relevant experience in your industry. And depending on the plan you pick, you might have access to a dedicated account manager.

All content done by SocialBurst goes through an internal review process to ensure that it's of the highest editorial quality.

How will you know the content that fits my business?

After you schedule a strategy call with us, one of the things we'll require you to do is to fill a questionnaire that helps us understand your business and needs in greater detail. Even after we begin working with you, we constantly fine-tune the content we produce for you to make sure it gets better with time.

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